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New: Club Events page

after a long absence the Blaydon Cycle Club events feed is live again, we are aware that not all of our members are on facebook so may not be able to see all of our events easily, for this we’ve enabled the export of all events to our new events page, you can bookmark this for easy reference.

Our facebook page is still and you don’t have to be a member to view the page or posts but we want to make things as accessible as possible for all.

Below is a preview of our next events which is a direct copy of the feed from the new page.


Updated: Winter Cycling 2017

Winter Rides: *Updated November 2017*

Please Read the below so you fully understand our intentions for winter club events.

General info.

Unfortunately living in the North of England we are at the mercy of mother nature. We just wish to to re-address the issue of winter rides.

We try our best to keep club activity to as near to as full time as we can, we were lucky in previous winters as we never really had any severe weather but we can’t promise this season will be the same. The newspapers have prophesied the ‘coldest winter in 5 years’ again! That may have us all saying  “they said that last year, and the year before that, and the one before that!”  but we have to prepare for all eventualities and have contingencies for the winter months.

Alterations to club activities.

Our club rides will be shorter than the summer months to ensure we are back to base before it gets too dark or the temperature drops during the hours of darkness.

Our development and easy wheeler rides will be altered to run into a merged ‘loop’ system where ‘loop 1’ will be the Easy Wheeler ride followed by the ‘loop 2’ being development ride. You are welcome to attend both but it is essential to remember you are asked to help the newer or less experienced riders on these rides, they are designed to develop members and gain experience and these rides will always be only as fast as the last rider.

We will also be running CX rides whilst the weather comes in, check our events for further details.

Safety of all members is our top concern and it may get to the point where for these reasons we call off a ride. If you don’t feel confident riding in the weather that has been forecast, there is no shame in dropping out of the ride if you think you won’t be to manage for whatever reason. If you have any doubts or question ask us, we have many seasoned riders in the club. The chat page and the event page itself are ideal for this.
However, the final decision to go out on your bike is down to you and any ride undertaken is at your own risk.

Safety & Legal Stuff.

We recommend lights for all rides during the winter months due to visibility being lower than the brighter summer months, especially for the ride to and from the club rides. For our week night training sessions they are mandatory (these rides take place in the hours of darkness, it’s also a legal requirement to be lit up at night (Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations)) – as a minimum, on a club ride a flashing rear light is suggested in daylight hours. (just think if there was an insurance claim, have you took reasonable precautions to aid your visibility) It is your responsibility to make yourself visible to others.

Please dress suitably for the conditions and temperature, we often ride in rural and isolated locations, especially on higher ground conditions can change within seconds. Please ensure you’re dressed for the weather (for example winter specific clothing,foul weather gear,  jackets, neckwear. gloves, thermal layers). On some rides you may be required to wait for others (especially development rides and easy wheelers) so bear this ‘waiting time’ in mind, equally if you have a mechanical issue you may need to stop to fix it or wait to be picked up.

Ride alterations and cancellations.

Regarding club rides and events, the decision to cancel or alter a ride will be made where we can, the evening before so during the winter please make sure for our events you check the social media channels.

On the occasion of a ride cancellation or alteration We will post a message on the main facebook page (

This decision will be made amongst the committee and/or a group of our regular riders from observing the current conditions, forecast and any weather warnings in place. Rides may be also subject to delay, cancellation or alteration (generally meaning cut short) on the day if we feel that it may not be safe to continue due to sudden weather or forecasts received. Please check the individual events and main page for any relevant messages before you leave the house that morning.

In the case of a ride cancellation the clubs decision is final.

Final: 2016 Charity Update – Great North Air Ambulance

As 2017 begins on here’s an update on our charity of 2016 Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS)

We closed the fundraising raising £500 for this vital service. That’s £500 to keep an amazing service airbourne.

Thanks to everyone that donated to such an amazing cause.

2017 Club Membership

Blaydon Cycle Club is pleased to announce that our subscriptions for 2017 are now open.

Subscription rates have remained unchanged from their 2016 rates. Its £15 for an individual, £25 for a same household couple and £10 for any second claim members (if you’re a member of another club as your first club.)

2017 is set to be a massive year for us, since 2013 we’ve come a long way from 8 members merely sharing rides over facebook, to a fully fledged club with regular club outings, many member organised rides as well as hosting open local events.

as a member you’ll get access to our ‘members chat’ (facebook) page where you can keep in touch with fellow club members, organise midweek rides, alternative rides, sell, buy, ask swap… Pretty much anything.

as always, if you have any questions please contact us through twitter, Facebook or email or speak to any member of the committee.

To sign up simply click the button below or click here:

Join Now Button



Club Kit Run – Summer 2016 *Deadline 22/5/16*

Due to popular demand we are in a position to order a summer batch of kit, if you’re in need of any kit please order now.  Those members who have ordered and received our kit will vouch for the high standards our kit is. Please take this opportunity to order now as we can’t guarantee further orders this summer unless we have the demand.


The order page is located at

Please message us if you need an account on the club account.
DEADLINE is strictly 22nd of May.

Available: Compact Gillet / Road Jersey / Running Shirt / Race Jersey / Bib Shorts / WT Speed Suit / Tri Suit / Multi Tube
(15 total items needed and 3x of each item to meet supplier minimums)

Date Change: M107 Time Trial – May 2016

Information regarding: Blaydon CC 10 mile open CTT Time Trial (Regional 10 mile Champs) M107

To give everyone the opportunity to race the Regional 10 mile Championship, we have moved the date to Saturday 21st May. This means it no longer clashes with Imann Round 2 Road Race.

If you have entered and can not race on the Saturday, the CTT will be in touch to offer refunds. The date on CTT website will be updated shortly and we’ve had approval to move dates. I hope this helps those that were having to choose between race events that weekend.

Event link can be found here

Members Chat: Search Functionality

First of all just a little reminder that any paid up member has access to the members chat area. This is using facebook as it’s free, easy and most of all visible.

You can request to jouin via clicking here but please bear in mind you must be a member of the club, for all other enquiries please see our website or main facebook profile.


When you are in ‘the group’ it’s your place to organise mid-week rides, share special offers and deals, sell and swap bikes and bike parts as well as generally interact with other club members, we often see repeat questions such as ‘what light should I get?’ – for that we’re reminding everyone there’s a search button, your question may already have been asked and even answered. Search on group

The members chat page is a great resource with a lot of information on, due to the nature of the page, after a few days information and posts sink towards the bottom of the pile and off the screen, the search functionality allows for you to recall previous posts that may be of use to you.


Event Entry – £5 towards event entry fees

BCC KB Logos

As part of our KB Cycles sponsorship we are able to offer 1st claim members who participate in any BC Race, CTT Time trial, official sportive or Audax £5 towards entry costs! This is limited to 15 races or 5 sportives/Audax per member. We will keep this running till the pot runs dry. Once you have entered and paid for your event click on the below link which will take you to our website to fill out the form. All monies will be paid out at our MASSIVE end of year party/awards night!

All we ask in return is you wear your Blaydon jersey at the events and pop into KB to have a look round and say hello, buy some new kit with your exclusive club discount or book your bike in for a service ahead of the big day!

to submit your entry please visit


Blaydon Cycle Club announces new sponsor – KB Cycles

We are proud to announce that we are now sponsored by KB Cycles in Newburn. KB Cycles will be helping us grow the club moving forward as we look to gain new members from ALL abilities. As part of this deal all 1st claim members who enter a Race, Sportive or Audax will get money back if you ride these events in a Blaydon Jersey. More details of how this works soon.

We will be recommending our members to use the services of KB cycles and several of us already use and trust them for servicing our bikes and many have bought bikes form there recently with exceptional service. We will get a discount of 10% off throughout the store and also have special club events in store.

So a big warm welcome to KB cycles to the Blaydon Gang, Visit them in-store The Old Fire Station, High Street, Newburn, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE15 8LN), call 0191 2645215 or visit

Membership Reminder / Clarification

It’s come to our attention a few people are confused as to what they have to pay, hopefully we can clear this up.


ALL Blaydon CC fees are due this is the money that goes direct to us, you either paid us £10 last Jan-June or £5 later in the year. Basically everyone with a 2015 membership is ‘reset’ on 1/1/16.

2016 rates have increased to £15 a year (or £25 joint) which is great value still. This is in line, if not cheaper than many other clubs of a similar size and it 2016 we have some big events and need capital to host them, In turn this helps the club grow, 2016 is going to be our biggest year and it’s going to be a lot of hard work behind the scenes above what you may see on the ground! (some say it’s a full time job running a club, it really can be!)

Some of you may have to re-join British Cycling this can be any time of the year, for some it’s the same day as you joined the club because you joined BC with a Blaydon CC Discount code for your first year. We of course recommend you ALL join British Cycling for a number of reasons. (legal cover and development of the sport for two), please not your British Cycling expiry date will be on your dashboard and membership card, again this is highly likely to be different to your club membership.

Any questions please shout up