Members Chat: Search Functionality

First of all just a little reminder that any paid up member has access to the members chat area. This is using facebook as it’s free, easy and most of all visible.

You can request to jouin via clicking here but please bear in mind you must be a member of the club, for all other enquiries please see our website or main facebook profile.


When you are in ‘the group’ it’s your place to organise mid-week rides, share special offers and deals, sell and swap bikes and bike parts as well as generally interact with other club members, we often see repeat questions such as ‘what light should I get?’ – for that we’re reminding everyone there’s a search button, your question may already have been asked and even answered. Search on group

The members chat page is a great resource with a lot of information on, due to the nature of the page, after a few days information and posts sink towards the bottom of the pile and off the screen, the search functionality allows for you to recall previous posts that may be of use to you.