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New: Club Events page

after a long absence the Blaydon Cycle Club events feed is live again, we are aware that not all of our members are on facebook so may not be able to see all of our events easily, for this we’ve enabled the export of all events to our new events page, you can bookmark this for easy reference.

Our facebook page is still and you don’t have to be a member to view the page or posts but we want to make things as accessible as possible for all.

Below is a preview of our next events which is a direct copy of the feed from the new page.

[fts_facebook type=events id=blaydoncycling posts=10 height=5000px]


Website – Club Events

** EDIT: Please note this does not affect facebook just the website displaying information **

Unfortunately the software that we use to publish events is broken, what this used to do is extract the information from facebook onto here, please bear with us if you rely on the website to get club event information.


for now they can be seen at you do not have to be a facebook member to view our pages.

Hopefully soon we can have something up and running!

All Change!

I’ve been sitting in front of this laptop for hours now! but some new changes for the club website are finally here. First of all you’ll notice a new banner at the top, I’ve also subtly changed the colour scheme from a generic red to the well known club red.

If you visit the site from your mobile phone you’ll also notice the website now works perfectly on mobile, any needless zooming, pinching and scrolling is no more, but if you like that kind of thing, the option is still there for you revert to desktop.

I’ve deleted a few redundant pages and working on some new content to make things that little bit nicer for you to look at. one such feature is when we order club kit, it’ll be done via a proper ‘online shop’ you’ll be to order multiple items and checkout just as you would on any other site. At the moment you’ll probably just see a pop-up message saying orders are closed. I am also working on a Blaydon ‘phonebook’ style directory so if you need to find any decent cafes we reccomend, any cycle shops or need a repair you need to go no further than your club. you’ll be to leave reviews using your social media accounts to give feedback on the shops and services, I guess what I am trying to do it Blaydon CC meets the ‘yellow pages vs trip advisor’.

A few pages may be renamed or re-ordered just to make them look that little bit tidier, it’s a long overdue spring clean that I hope gives a better impression of the club.


Facebook Events Link

Please be aware that out facebook events box to the right hand side of the website has failed, this is due to a 3rd party error with some code that’s used on the website. We’ll try to fix this asap in the meantime all events can be found at


You may notice some changes in the coming weeks, I am tidying up the site and keeping it a little more up to date. Some pages may change titles and we may add some new features.

BCC Website

The Blaydon Cycle Club Website is finally here!


ScreenShot of website

so far it has the basic information on the club, how to meet us, join us, common questions (FAQ), contacts and a detail of places we go.

it also includes the following cross platform services:

  • our facebook posts will be updated with ‘latest news’ blog posts such as this.
  • our facebook events appear in the top right in an events tab
  • our latest tweets also appear on the right
  • you can comment on blogs/news and pages with your facebook ID or twitter / google ID
  • you can like and share pages and posts via facebook

if anyone has any suggestions for what we could add, please comment below, tweet or facebook us! in the coming days want to get the website little tweaks all finished if there is any.