Membership Reminder / Clarification

It’s come to our attention a few people are confused as to what they have to pay, hopefully we can clear this up.


ALL Blaydon CC fees are due this is the money that goes direct to us, you either paid us £10 last Jan-June or £5 later in the year. Basically everyone with a 2015 membership is ‘reset’ on 1/1/16.

2016 rates have increased to £15 a year (or £25 joint) which is great value still. This is in line, if not cheaper than many other clubs of a similar size and it 2016 we have some big events and need capital to host them, In turn this helps the club grow, 2016 is going to be our biggest year and it’s going to be a lot of hard work behind the scenes above what you may see on the ground! (some say it’s a full time job running a club, it really can be!)

Some of you may have to re-join British Cycling this can be any time of the year, for some it’s the same day as you joined the club because you joined BC with a Blaydon CC Discount code for your first year. We of course recommend you ALL join British Cycling for a number of reasons. (legal cover and development of the sport for two), please not your British Cycling expiry date will be on your dashboard and membership card, again this is highly likely to be different to your club membership.

Any questions please shout up