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All Memberships are processed online via British Cycling.
This page gives you a little more information about joining us.

Please Click the following links to join the Club or find out more information via British Cycling:

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Membership is £15 per year for riders having us as their main club, and £10 for members of other clubs (also known as a second claim, you will gain points in events for your main club and to qualify you must be a part of a BC affiliated club) British Cycling levy a £1 fee to process all memberships. This enables us as a club, and British Cycling to keep memberships relevant and all online. All BCC memberships are manually verified so please don’t be alarmed if we take a while to ‘accept’ you. If you have any issues with paying online, get in touch and we’ll see how we can help.

Membership year runs from 1st January until 31st December. Members Joining from June onwards will be eligible for a ‘half year’ subscription.

If you have never rode with us drop us a message and let us know you want to come along, you can tweet us, join in on one of our events on Facebook or use the contact form on the website. All we ask is if your plans change you let us know so we are roughly knowing who to expect.
We encourage you you to come along for a couple of rides to see what we are about, then we strongly encourage people to join us if they feel we are the right club for them, we appreciated those new to clubs and group riding can find it a little daunting, so let us know you’re new and we’ll make sure you are looked after.

On official rides we don’t have any steadfast rules but, we take a common sense approach, we do ask all riders wear an appropriate cycling helmet, and are dressed appropriately for the weather (cold etc etc)
Other than that we require all riders to ride responsibly, not put other riders, road users or pedestrians at risk and obey relevant traffic laws and regulations whenever out in public. Ride leaders (usually experienced members) may ask for help to keep the ride safe, please listen and follow any instructions, calls, or hand signals.

full member terms can be found here

All rides are created on as Facebook events they can be found on our events page or on the right hand side of the website, and in the main carry a ride summary as well as a GPS file for anyone with a Garmin or GPS device. The page is ‘public’ so open so you don’t have to be an active Facebook member to view events.

if you have any questions please contact us using the form below:


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