Privacy & Data Policy

This document outlines what data we collect and hold about our members:

Club & Membership

Being a club we require you to provide us with data about you: This is strictly for admin purposes and to keep you informed of club news, and it allows British Cycling to send you information and items such as membership cards annually.

Blaydon Cycle Club will never pass on your information to an unauthorised  3rd party or sell information. All data stays within the club to allow us to run the club. Generally we will keep everyone informed via social media but any important information will be sent via British Cycling to ALL members via the email newsletter option.

All information is held on British Cycling web servers using their dedicated management tool .

We will obtain the following information from the management tool;

The following required by British Cycling: Your Title, Gender and Name(s), date of birth, Email, phone & postal address.

we also urge all members to ensure their personal emergency contacts are up to date, not only for our purposes, but for you entering British Cycling affiliated events. (These would only be used for the the obvious purpose of contacting your emergency contact if we needed to)

Our Website & Social Media

Our website uses cookies by using our website you consent to them being stored on your device, they’re simply very small text files that remember your user preferences and browsing settings on our website. to remove cookies manually click the following link [cookies_revoke]

Our website has a ‘contact us’ form and various pages my have data collection forms for things such as events, these such forms will only be used for contact and reply purposes and these messages go to the clubs ‘gmail’ powered email address. (an example of a one such for is below)

Example of a contact form

We have multiple social media accounts (Instagram, twitter, facebook etc) these websites will have their own privacy policy


If you have any concerns or questions on your data please get in touch.


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