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New: Club Events page

after a long absence the Blaydon Cycle Club events feed is live again, we are aware that not all of our members are on facebook so may not be able to see all of our events easily, for this we’ve enabled the export of all events to our new events page, you can bookmark this for easy reference.

Our facebook page is still and you don’t have to be a member to view the page or posts but we want to make things as accessible as possible for all.

Below is a preview of our next events which is a direct copy of the feed from the new page.


The Hills Have Eyes

Very recently on our members chat page the subject of hill nights and what hills we have in the area came up, perfect time for a blog. If you have any suggestions please add and link us to them and we may put them on the list. By local we mean around 20 miles or less from Blaydon.

click the name of the climb to see it on strava. The Strava links are for reference only, some hills have many segments some considered part of the climbs, some the ‘official’ ones. 



Busty BankRight on the Gateshead Border, this one takes you from Rowlands Gill right up into Burnopfield. 0.9 miles, 9% average, 448ft gain

Peth Bank: One in the 100 UK top climbs, just out of Lanchester with a steep first ramp this one will get your legs going. 1 mile long, 8% average and with a gain of 448ft

Ebchester Bank: Another one mile climb averaging 8% with a 445ft gain, takes you from Ebchester to Medomsley.


Lady ParkLeading up from the team valley this one is 1 mile long, 7% average and climbs 354ft, there’s a few variations on this climb within strava depending on what road you enter the main climb from.

Chopwell: one of the longer climbs at 1.4 miles this one will test your legs, after the ramp down into Blackhall Mill it’s all uphill until you reach either the golf course or the turn off for Hedley on the Hill. 6% and 428ft greets you if you take the shorter (linked) route that ends at Clayton Terrace Road.



Hospital Lane: Just up the road from our sponsors KB Cycles this is a short 0.6 mile climb which is perfect for trying repeats and it’s one of the closest climbs to Blaydon. it’s got a 6% average gradient and you’ll notch up 225ft of climbing which is one of the least on our list.

Station Road: Leading up from the Keelmans way, and the old Heddon On The Wall Railway Station the only accsses to this one is via the shared keelmans way and through a farm right of way, or to do the descent from Heddon and start at the bottom, you’ll take on a challenging 10% climb over 0.8 miles gaining 406ft making this possibly one of the big hitters on our list. Take care on the road as it’s part of access to a farm so the appropriate traffic may be using it.


Aydon Road: Climbing out of Corbridge towards matfen this hill is one mile long, 6% and gains around 299ft.

Langley Castle: After leaving Haydon Bridge you can take in the Climb to Langley Castle, at 2.4 miles it’s possibly the longest one we’ve got on our featured list, you’ll take on an average gradient of 4% and climb 490ft mostly under trees and taking in a winding sweeping road.

Hedley on the hill: HOTH or MH11 as it’s known in some circles is right on the Northumberland border, and is a official national hill climb event. You’ll take in 1 mile, 8% average and 421ft on this hill, it’s got it’s share of ramps and twists and is a great climb.

Prospect Hill: Just as you leave corbridge heading on the A695 towards Stocksfield you’ll have a right turn up here, it’s twisty and quite long, once you get to the top you’ve a playground behind it with many more local climbs. It’s just under a mile coming in at 0.9 miles, with a 7% average and a 383ft gain.

Ryal: One of the ‘feared’ climbs you’ll have heard about, don’t let that put you off! after a steep first of two hills you get a great little run up the second ‘Ryal’ – The Ryals feature in the Cyclone Sportives as well as the Beaumont Trophy and Curlew cup. It’s another one that has multiple strava segments, right from ‘offical’ ryals, one’s named ‘Bin to Ryal’ (what bin it means, we’ll never know!) take your pick at a segment in the area, but we’ll pick just the one that’s linked. In the 1 mile climb featured you’ll have an average climb of 6% and add around 320ft of climbing on your legs.




Website – Club Events

** EDIT: Please note this does not affect facebook just the website displaying information **

Unfortunately the software that we use to publish events is broken, what this used to do is extract the information from facebook onto here, please bear with us if you rely on the website to get club event information.


for now they can be seen at you do not have to be a facebook member to view our pages.

Hopefully soon we can have something up and running!

Event Entry – £5 towards event entry fees

BCC KB Logos

As part of our KB Cycles sponsorship we are able to offer 1st claim members who participate in any BC Race, CTT Time trial, official sportive or Audax £5 towards entry costs! This is limited to 15 races or 5 sportives/Audax per member. We will keep this running till the pot runs dry. Once you have entered and paid for your event click on the below link which will take you to our website to fill out the form. All monies will be paid out at our MASSIVE end of year party/awards night!

All we ask in return is you wear your Blaydon jersey at the events and pop into KB to have a look round and say hello, buy some new kit with your exclusive club discount or book your bike in for a service ahead of the big day!

to submit your entry please visit


Blaydon Cycle Club announces new sponsor – KB Cycles

We are proud to announce that we are now sponsored by KB Cycles in Newburn. KB Cycles will be helping us grow the club moving forward as we look to gain new members from ALL abilities. As part of this deal all 1st claim members who enter a Race, Sportive or Audax will get money back if you ride these events in a Blaydon Jersey. More details of how this works soon.

We will be recommending our members to use the services of KB cycles and several of us already use and trust them for servicing our bikes and many have bought bikes form there recently with exceptional service. We will get a discount of 10% off throughout the store and also have special club events in store.

So a big warm welcome to KB cycles to the Blaydon Gang, Visit them in-store The Old Fire Station, High Street, Newburn, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE15 8LN), call 0191 2645215 or visit

500 – Almost there

We’re almost at 500 facebook likes, please spread the word visit us at

Here you will find the clubs main social media presence, we offer rides for riders just starting off right up to budding racers, we have over 100 members and counting and we’re making noise with some great achievements over the season in various disciplines.  We’re very laid back and have a thriving and active membership both on rides and on our members on-line chat areas.

If you or someone you know is into cycling, or would like that little push to get into it, come and join us for a ride and see what we do. We’ve grown from an initial 9 members in 2013 to 100+ with people of all abilities, all interests and all with a wealth of things to share.

as the traditional ‘off season’ starts we’ll still be here building up to the start of the 2016 season where we have big plans in the making. There’s never been a better time to become a part of a North East club that’s getting bigger, and better every time a new member signs up. You can be a part of it and we look forward to seeing you. We’re going places.

We meet at multiple times through the week check for a full list of club activity within the coming weeks.

General Contact


Your Message

Facebook: Race HQ

Just a quick line to let everyone know our ‘Blaydon Race HQ’ page has been removed, Originally this was a place for the race team to discuss and plan TT and race events, Through time and through some deliberation, we have decided to remove this group and all race planning will be done via the members chat forum, this helps everyone in long long run by making all club activity more inclusive and giving you less places to have to check to keep up to date with the latest happening within the club.

Members chat is open to subscribed members of the club if you are not a member of that page please ask us how to get access, if you’re not a member of the club, please refer to the main profile at for all our latest news, to race you must be a British Cycling member (race license needed) as well as be a club member.

All Change!

I’ve been sitting in front of this laptop for hours now! but some new changes for the club website are finally here. First of all you’ll notice a new banner at the top, I’ve also subtly changed the colour scheme from a generic red to the well known club red.

If you visit the site from your mobile phone you’ll also notice the website now works perfectly on mobile, any needless zooming, pinching and scrolling is no more, but if you like that kind of thing, the option is still there for you revert to desktop.

I’ve deleted a few redundant pages and working on some new content to make things that little bit nicer for you to look at. one such feature is when we order club kit, it’ll be done via a proper ‘online shop’ you’ll be to order multiple items and checkout just as you would on any other site. At the moment you’ll probably just see a pop-up message saying orders are closed. I am also working on a Blaydon ‘phonebook’ style directory so if you need to find any decent cafes we reccomend, any cycle shops or need a repair you need to go no further than your club. you’ll be to leave reviews using your social media accounts to give feedback on the shops and services, I guess what I am trying to do it Blaydon CC meets the ‘yellow pages vs trip advisor’.

A few pages may be renamed or re-ordered just to make them look that little bit tidier, it’s a long overdue spring clean that I hope gives a better impression of the club.


Writeup: SkyRide Newcastle & Gateshead 2015

First of all a massive thanks from me for the sea of Blaydon CC tops on display, those who made a special effort to ‘divert’ their rides via the Quayside to come and show the world what we do. A second huge thanks to the lads who helped man the information stall today, we spoke to some great local business and people, if you’re not with us yet, we look forward to welcoming you.

We all enjoyed our day in the sun speaking to people (They seen us coming, the planners put us opposite Greggs!).

To me I think the way riding has become pretty much a second/third job for me it’s so hard to forget why you got on two wheels to start with. Today when I did my lap of the course It was at a very steady (I would almost go as far as saying slow) pace for me, when I ride to work I want to get there as soon as possible, when I ride with others I sometimes want to go faster, further and higher… A little pleasurable weave over the 7km course seeing hundreds if not thousands of others taking part reminded me why I like cycling, everyone was happy, smiles all around, young and old, all shapes, all sizes on all manners of bikes. It was simply people out in the sun enjoying being outside.

If you’re new to us check our rides option at the top of the page for a run down of what we offer, as we expand (pushing 100 members now!) we’re hoping to be able to branch out, one such option is a personal interest of ‘Audax’ riding which I’m trying to introduce to a few who want a challenge! We’ve so much in the pipeline and so many ideas and we do it simply because we love cycling. We all have full time jobs as well as the club, and it keeps us busy but, seeing people out like they were today, is it worth all the emails, texts, keeping this website up to date, explaining for the 100th time what time we meet on a Sunday, in short, yes. It’s fantastic to be a part of something that’s constantly growing, constantly developing and it gives me a sense of pride when someone turns round to me and says ‘XX months ago I was this, jumped on the bike, now I am…’

If you have any further thoughts on your day at the sky ride please leave a comment below:

Club Update

There’s so much going on within the club so it’s time for a little web blog just to keep you up to speed, there’s no real ‘subject’ here but it’s an update and just a little few things I’ve seen over the past few weeks.

First of all come see us at the Newcastle Gateshead Sky Ride we’ll have a pitch in the middle of the market place, also there will be some local retailers, local clubs and usually Northumbria Police are there offering bike marking and crime reduction advice on cycling (and shed) security. Please come down and say hello to us, pop your jersey on and ride around the Quayside flying the Blaydon flag. If anyone asks you about the club let them know and ask them to pop by our stall. We’d love to see BCC colours flying high this year, If you can spare a few minutes stop by and chat to people coming to see us, we’re still a new club so people will want to know what we’re all about!

On the subject of club colours and as a matter of personal opinion, Please remember when you are in club colours, be you riding to work or on a club ride you’re an ambassador for the club, you’re ‘flying the flag’ so please do remember how you conduct yourself out and about, We want our members to be the ones who are friendly, courteous, and above all stick to the rules of the road because lets not forget they apply to everyone on wheels, cyclists already have a certain branding through excessive media articles and we’re all tarred with the same brush to many, let’s try and prove them wrong!

We’ve got loads of events lined up: check as always for the latest.