Q: How Much does it cost to be a member?

A: We charge a nominal amount per year, we feel this is a small fee to cover our  British Cycling Membership (Affiliation), any remaining monies will be used to benefit the club (for example if we were to buy any communal kit or send anyone on a training course) New riders are welcome to come along for a taster for a few rides to see what we are all about. We always will aim to act as a ‘hub’ to help cyclists engage, meet and go out with like minded cyclists more than running a ‘traditional club’ format. British Cycling affiliation allows us to have a recognized structure and manage / promote our club better. See our membership page for the current information.

*If you join in the second half of the year this will be reduced.

Q: Can I come along to try?

A: Yes, let us know what ride you are coming to, again, we encourage you to come along to either our beginners rides or fortnightly club runs. After you have been along for a few rides and wish to continue we would encourage you to become a full member. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Is there an age limit?

A: Yes, at present we can only ordinarily take persons unaccompanied 18+ this is due to club insurance and welfare issues, youth cycling is a complicated area to work with and we may be to accommodate younger riders in the future. If in doubt please contact us.

Q: Is there ANY additional costs?

A:The only extra costs will be our cafe stops and your transport to the meeting points. If we have any costs for example trips away this will be clearly made out before you commit to it.

Q: Am I covered by the club when out?

A: All meetings and rides are taken at your own risk, by joining us and meeting for an event you accept this. Blaydon Cycle Club (BCC) can not be held responsible for any accident or injury, all sports have their dangers and it is important you help us reduce risks as much as possible as well as taking responsibility for yourself (don’t take any risks, if in doubt ask!)

We recommend that you have legal cover through an organization such as British cycling or the CTC for your own protection in the case of an incident on the road. ‘The Club’ does not insure individuals, it is your responsibility to be insured as an individual. (just think, could you foot the legal bill if something was to happen? Would you know where to start if you were to make a claim?) For more details please check out British Cycling or the CTC both are linked above. Many of our members are insured via British Cycling, supporting BC in it’s cycling aims as well as enjoying other exclusive benefits. If you intend to race you must be insured, this is often a condition of entry and a specific racing license is required.

Q: What do I bring?

A: on a ride any repairs are dealt with by you, others may be to help. Please bring basic tools such as a multi-tool, spare tubes or patches and a pump so you can fix your bike if it does go wrong at the roadside, we have no support vehicle or recovery provision.

Q: How do I join?

there is no formal process for coming along to a ride just follow us on Facebook or Twitter, but please do contact us to let us know you are coming, and we will expect you for the meeting time (usually we meet for a time, then have a 15 minutes wait (for example 0900 for a 0915 set off)). To join and become a full time member that’s easy click the below button!

Pay Club Fees

Q: What is a ‘social’ cycle club?

A: from initial research most clubs are all about the club runs and developing riders in a more speed orientated  & race like manner, we still wish to help people develop but in a more relaxed social way. As of Winter 2014 we have a Time Trial and Race team in formation, our mainstay will still be a club where we welcome all and your post-ride feedback is always useful.

Q: What is your speed on a ride?

A: We don’t have a speed set in stone but we try to aim for a minimum of 14 mph on club rides (Generally 40-50 mile) and 13-14mph on Development rides (Usually around 40 miles) This will vary with the number and ability of other riders out on the ride. Some Club Rides are sufficiently attended to allow a ‘fast’ group to go out first then a standard group at a pace to suit everyone.

Q: Where do you meet?

A: We usually meet at ‘La Taverna’ (NE21 4LU) in Stella/Blaydon, if we meet elsewhere this will be publicized on the event pages and on this website (all are interlinked). These are all explained in detail how to get to when a ride is planned. Occasionally route depending we may meet somewhere new, but again, all meeting points will be clearly stated.

Q: What bikes do you ride?

A: In general we are road cyclists, most rides will be done on a road bike, mountain bike rides may be arranged during the winter months or on ‘alternate’ weekends when there is no club meet. As of 2017/18 season we are working on building on the off road element of the club, this is a work in progress please stay tuned to our social media and members channels for updates.

Q: do you have a Jersey/Kit?

A: Club kit, including jerseys and shorts are available, these will be ordered usually twice a year, we have minimum order quantities to satisfy (currently 15 items with 3 of each style)

PLEASE NOTE: each piece of kit is bespoke designed so please make sure you have chosen the right size.

Q: Is there any ‘House Rules’?

A: We try not to ‘bog down’ everyone with rules, we trust that as adults a degree of common sense should be applied when on the roads, you must obey all laws, traffic or otherwise, you must always wear a helmet, and you must not behave in a way that could bring the club, it’s suppliers, sponsors, committee or other members into disrepute. Any one who acts in a manner that could be contrary to the above can be expected to be dealt with accordingly. As much as we ask for common sense to be applied, we are duty bound to have forma rules and ethere is a formal document on conduct which can be found here

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