Emergency Contacts

As you know we hold an amount of data about our members to enable us to communicate with you and for you to be a member, British Cycling collects this information during the membership application process.

One of the fields we have added is your emergency contacts (sometimes known as ICE) and any medical conditions we may need to be aware of.

This is a periodical request from the club for members to ensure that all their contact information is correct.
This is to enable us to contact the correct person and/or inform any emergency services of any conditions in the unlikely event of an incident when out on club activities.

We ask for any medical conditions to ensure should we need to we can get the right help to you, If you believe that we should be aware of a condition or any other issues let a ride leader know before the ride starts.

If you have any new conditions or changes in current conditions please seek advice from your doctor before undertaking any activities.

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