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News: 2019 Ride Rota

Since The club was founded in 2013 we’ve adopted a ‘every other’ week schedule for the main club runs with the ‘Development Rides’ riding in the second week, Since our very humble beginnings we’ve grown in size and experience. 

From January 2019 we will be offering weekend  Club Runs every week on alternative Saturday and Sunday Mornings.  
The week that contains a Saturday Club Run will be the week with the Development Ride on The Sunday

New format of club rides

We hope that this will enable more people to attend club runs, we will have a ‘development ride’ pace on all of our club runs so everyone is included in the new plan. 

Club Run Photo

We are also dedicating 4 of the club run to “Away Days”  to go and experience new roads. These will be in the Lakes, North York moors and Yorkshire dales to name just a few, details of these rides will be published through the usual channels. 

New Ride: Road Ride – 12 Jan ’14 (BCC #10)

New Year New Ride.

Weather Depending 12/01/14 is our next ride.

as always 0900 @ La Taverna Car Park NE21 4LU.

Route to be announced soon, with it being January all rides weather dependent. route being planned information and chat over the usual channels

Click here for event details in full and to confirm attendance, Event also top right of the website.

Ryal Ride

BlaydonCycling 2014 – The year ahead

After forming BCC in the summer and now having 8 rides (9 including a MTB run) lessons have been learned, things have changed things are becoming more organized and the ‘stage 2’ of the club starts in the new year, BCC is still a free to ride club, we still however ask that riders consider coverage from British Cycling or suchlike.

The only costs so far have been a web domain name, a ‘club phone’ and soon jerseys (and cake too on the rides). We hope to keep costs minimal. Of course in the future like other clubs we may have to make a few quid here and there to help out with things but that’s to be avoided as best as possible.

We had 10 on our 1st ever ride, then have had between 5-9 on most rides, our best one being 15 (where lessons were learned about route planning etc) We are new, we are always learning, feedback was taken, feedback was listened to, and people are coming back, we have a healthy base membership, and we want to build on that, encourage new people to take up cycling, when we have more people we can offer various rides, smaller ones, faster ones, (think like a sportive with a A,B & C route but eveevryone meets in the end!) skill set training… all ideas, all possible with more people, more experience more people networking and engaging over a common passion of cycling…. possibilities are endless.

This fits nicely into some of our plans, we wish to plan all rides online using facebook (and twitter).

We want to make greater use of the events option on facebook and centre most of our activity there, we hope to have a website running soon which is solely for news, and information, the real ‘hub’ will still be our social media. We will use Garmin Connect to plan routes and give electronic means, as well as find a way to produce paper maps and route cards for those who want to print them.

The second thing is we want to use and promote locally already the fantastic management at La Taverna have offered us the use of their car park to meet, all we as a club ask is we have a few riders come in to say thanks in the way of buying a drink, it’s also worth coming back for the main food menu as the Tapas and Chicken is fantastically done.

We have also got contact with The Cycle Pad who are a local company which list all things bike int he area, we hope to work with them and already they are in a position to offer us contacts and free promotion. Early days yet but hopefully another thing that can be utilized.

For our jersey we have chose Pedalling Squares, a local company who create retro jerseys and have very kindly designed and are to produce a jersey for BCC. We hope to go back to them and possibly extend our range of jerseys for special occasions, or get other items created. Again this is only the start.

We want to hear from other local businesses…. if you are a North East Cafe, cake stop, or can offer us anything we can use, we’ll try and push people your way, bike shops, you name it. we want to have a directory of local bike friendly merchants.This is all to come in 2014 and at the moment is very much planning.

Final thought for the moment is our partners, riders and anyone connected with the club… Hashtags are the new ID online, all the big sites use them, whenever you have a Blaydon Cycling post the hash #BlaydonCycling can be used, be this a tweet, a facebook post, an Instagram or a special offer. hopefully the tag can unite anything of interest to club members.


if anyone has any suggestions, plans, ideas, thoughts please add them below, email us, or have a word on a ride, the club is being moulded by its members and I would like to think 2014 is going to be a great year for us, new members, new rides, lots of miles, a good laugh and most importantly continuing our two wheel quest for the best cake in the north.

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