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Club Landmark – 200 active members

We’ve been approving the 2019 memberships since early December, and we’ve reached the monumental milestone of having 200 active members within our club. 

Some of you may remember, have heard of or indeed might have been one of the “original 8” members who decided we’d pop £10 into the pot for British Cycling affiliation and would “just see what happens” – that was 2013, I remember doing the Great North Bike Ride a week or two before “BCC 1” a gentle ride to Corbridge, meeting at Newburn Riverside, at that stage it was just a group of like-minded cyclists using social media to meet up. A few months later we had a little meeting and took the plunge into official affiliation, the rest as they say, is history 

One of the very first Club Rides

In the coming months we designed and had custom kit made, and the ‘club rides’ became a litre more regular and as people developed the groups got bigger and current members invited their friends and we slowly but surely began to grow in numbers and took the decision to formalise the club and have a committee structure and open it to all. 

We eventually formed a race team as a dip into The competitive side as we had been exclusively a ‘social ride’ club, after a period of bedding in and more interest flooding in we have formed a successful race team that’s regularly getting podium positions and as a club we’ve been lucky enough to host local and national level events. 

Race Team in action

We’re affiliated with both British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials so we can compete and host both Road Race and Time Trials, the fundamental social side of the club is still very much alive with our easy wheelers, development rides and club rides which have groups at all levels taking part. 

We’re opening our horizons to cycle cross and off road (MTB) riding and in the future wish to expand on our abilities to be a club for all. 

We’ve had members do many things, since our inception members past and present have took part in events both externally and organised by the club such as:

  • Spanish training camps/holidays 
  • 200/300/600km self reliant Audax rides 
  • Club “in a day” challenges, c2c in a day & Edinburgh to Newcastle. 
  • Kielder Chiller 24 endurance ride 
  • Hill night sessions 
  • Newburn ‘loops’
  • ‘Muddy Monday’ MTB/CX nights 
  • Countless sportives done as a club team
Audax Loaded bike – 600km ‘The border Raid’ 

And many more that I can’t think of! Many of these are created and organised via our very active Facebook ‘members chat’ page where our members are encouraged to play and active part helping out other members and organising their own weekday events according to their ability, schedule and availability. 

Everything that’s been done has not been possible without the hard work of both the committee and the clubs members, from the shortest of post-work rides right up the the organisation of national level events everyone’s desire to get stuck in and help, take part or volunteer is what makes the club what it is. 

Club meeting

We’re 200 strong and 2019 could be an amazing year. We look forward to seeing our regular riders back, our newest members and those making a return to the saddle. 

To join us if you’ve not already check out our 2019 membership information page. 

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On behalf of myself, the committee, all your other members and the local cycling community I want to say a huge thank you for being part of such a great club. 


Club Secretary 


Weekly Update: 30th October 2016

Blaydon CC Weekly Club Update:

Date Published: 30th October 2016

Club Runs & Development Rides: Sunday the 30th of October seen yet another sucsess of a club ride name ‘Blanchland Blowout’ a strong attendance of around 30 in October is a testament to the hard work and commitment that makes planning these rides worth doing. Even though I wasn’t there myself today the members chat page indicates that there was many a happy face on region’s roads this morning. Thanks for showing your support and as ever keep your eyes on the events tab for information on our next club runs.

Upcoming Club Events: November the 3rd is ‘Newburn Loops Night’ all welcome to join in and learn new skills and techniques in a group riding scenario.

We also have loops at newburn where four of the ladies of the club attended, these are on a closed road section in Newburn and ideal for anyone wanting to sharpen their skills and anyone considering any form of racing next year. Please speak to Gemma if you’re interested in going along to these for further information on how to take part.

Next sunday we have one of our new CX rides, these are club rides but on terrain suitable for CX bikes, they’ll take in old rail lines, gravel tracks and muddy paths. Check the events tab for details.

As well as the CX ride the latest in our hugely successful Easy Wheelers/Development Rides is taking place. As the weather gets that little bit colder the old ‘two loop’ system is taking place, the first shorter loop is at the ‘easier’ pace and the second and our ‘development ride’ pace.

Member News: if you’ve any events you are taking part in this is the section to let us know! We want everyone to know what our members are up to, so if you’re taking part in say a triathalon or you’ve decided to race route 66 over in the USA let us know so we can share your news!  

As always there are plenty of ways to keep in the loop with the latest news, follow us on twitter @blaydoncycling or visit our website

All of our events can be found at and you can share your photos, videos and posts on twitter and instagram using our hashtag #BlaydonCycling.

If you’ve any questions about any of our activities, events or any questions about membership, existing member or potential please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help ^rh