Facebook: Race HQ

Just a quick line to let everyone know our ‘Blaydon Race HQ’ page has been removed, Originally this was a place for the race team to discuss and plan TT and race events, Through time and through some deliberation, we have decided to remove this group and all race planning will be done via the members chat forum, this helps everyone in long long run by making all club activity more inclusive and giving you less places to have to check to keep up to date with the latest happening within the club.

Members chat is open to subscribed members of the club if you are not a member of that page please ask us how to get access, if you’re not a member of the club, please refer to the main profile at facebook.com/blaydoncycling for all our latest news, to race you must be a British Cycling member (race license needed) as well as be a club member.

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