Our Rides: A reminder

Here at BCC we offer many different kinds of rides with the hope of in the future offering more as we grow, here’s a little reminder of what we do at the moment:


Our Rides:


Club rides occur every second week, in the ‘spare’ week riders attend development rides, ad-hoc rides or simply have the weekend off! Club rides generally leave 9am from La Taverna and are 50-60 miles long. They can include anything right from a flat fast route, right up to challenging climbs and descents. Gnerally we have two to three groups riding out (size of group being one factor, ability the other) there’s usually a faster group of 16mph+, a middle group of around 14-15mph group and a group depending on the ride itself riding 12-14mph. We decide how to group the rides on the day when we have the numbers and to ensure people are not riding alone.

Easy Wheelers & Development:

Development Rides began In early 2014 we trialled a what was then called ‘Beginners Ride’ what this entailed was a short route that didn’t have have any major climbs and kept to roads that were generally deemed suitable for riders of all abilities. After a couple of rides these became known also as Development Group Rides, you may have heard rides referred to as both at some point during their time.

Usually we aim for around 30-40 miles for the development ride and ride it in a loop so you’ll always come back to where you started. In these rides someone with a Blaydon Jersey will mark the front and the back of the rides.

We always aim to fit in a coffee stop after the rides for the shorter ones and mid-ride on the longer rides, Start Locations for the Beginners Rides vary so please check our events on the website and social media before you come along. We change it from time to time due to things such as the route planned, and things out of our control such as events, or road closures.

All riders must wear a helmet on these rides and you should bring along a bottle or two of water for the ride as well as any little snacks if you feel you may need them (such as cereal bars, flapjack etc). Full details are on the events and we always give a pre-ride briefing before we roll out.

‘Easy Wheelers’ rides are our beginners rides, they offer people who have never really been out on a bke a chance to ride with others and gain confidence, they are perfect for those who are very new to cycling or just coming back, courses will be around 10 miles at a very steady pace to suit everyone, they are a strict no drop ride, any questions you have on cycling we will do our best to help you, and progress you onto longer rides.


As a club we ride local and national sportives such as the Virgin Money Cyclone and the Haydon Hundred. We’ll post BCC specific events for this and arrange transport and similar things with each other closer to the time.


We have a newly formed (2015) race team, the team will compete in CAT4 races and Time Trials. The team is nicknamed the ‘Blaydon Racers‘ for more information keep an eye on our page or if you are interested drop us a message and we’ll see what we can do for you. Racing is a additional part of the club offered as we expand and compliments our other rides and activities.


Not everyone works 9-5, and we appreciate members have spare time and days of, subscribed members have access to a ‘Blaydon Chat’ area which allows for us to arrange outings with each other, these rides vary so much it’s up to whoever is setting them up to decide the pace and length, they can be road rides, Mountain Bike rides, long, short, fast or slow. We sometimes also practice training loops of an evening. All information can be found within the members chat page.