Meeting Feedback

As most of you know we held a club meeting on Monday the 23rd Februrary at Blaydon Rugby Club. Here is a summary of what went on and anything that came of it.

Membership – (updated to time of writing) Currently we stand at 76 members. With 8 expired, 2 of which have moved away from the area and we expect another of those to re-join soon. That puts up 10-15 up from our peak membership for the whole of 2014 with the vast majority returning.

Club Accounts Kevin gave a brief description and run down of money in and money out. Most money that went in has went out, a few minor expenses such as stationary and plug-ins for the website have been used. We’re keeping funds until we can find something ultimately in the best interests of the club. Our biggest outgoings were club kit. Asides affiliation costs most membership funds remain in the bank. Anyone who wishes to check out accounts is more than welcome to with some notice so we can get you what you want to see.

Race Team Paul gave us a quick run down of the clubs new Time Trial and Race Team, it’s new, we’ve done a few Croft sessions, and it’s a work in progress. To race you must have a SILVER British Cycling Membership and a race license. (cost is in the area of £70 to race). We are also affiliated with CTT enabling us as a club to take part in certain TT events. Anyone wishing to join the race team please join our race Facebook group, talk to one of the Blaydon Racers or contact our new race lead, Ben.

Affiliations it was pointed out who we are affiliated with. The two main ones are British Cycling and CTT (Cycling Time Trials)

Sponsorship it was suggested we should seek sponsors. The room agreed that the moment we are self sufficient, we may not immediately seek a ‘Jersey Sponsor’ but if we run events we may explore than avenue.

Website and Social Media it was generally agreed that out website and social media output was adequate.

Club Trips Ayr and Spain this year, a strong interest in club trips in the future. They’re to be inclusive so we won’t designate trips as a ‘fast lads holiday’ or suchlike. We need to work on being inclusive to all both on this as well as in club rides.

Club Runs – minor alterations to club runs may take place, we will take advantage of a slightly earlier start (8-830 for fondo rides) and club rides will gradually become 8:45 for 9. Development rides may also be altered in due course depending on route and location.
We also want to encourage all on club rides and remove any perceived stigma that it is a ‘fast’ ride. Club rides are at the heart of the club, they must be inclusive yet remain at a standard that will satisfy the majority. It was agreed that people will take turns in helping out and we’ll try to adopt an approach where we can keep people happy this as we mentioned relies on numbers and the reputation of these rides picking up. This will be a continual work in progress, it may mean staggered start times slightly (a few minutes head start for some) or a more neutral ride start so no-one flies off at the start. Again a work in progress and we’ll trial a few ideas, any additional suggestions are more than welcome.

Development / Easy Wheelers – Iain was appointed as our Development lead. We discussed assigning new members to the club a mentor for rides so they will have someone to ride with and get to know. This as well as we need a pool of volunteers for both rides so Ride Leaders are not always committed to the Easy Wheelers or Development rides and can pursue their personal goals more. All of these will be lead out and developed by the new ride lead.

We are also going to look into a basic maintenance course and a session to educate riders on pre-ride checks, and keeping their bike in good working order following mechanical problems on rides.

Club Kit – Suggestions were made to get a gillet for spring and autumn, enquiries to be made on this. Caps are another possibility and we’ll do our best to get caps ordered if possible in the near future. Again enquries to be made.

Ride standards – when we have new members especially, and on all club rides (additional to Development Rides) a pre-ride briefing, any known hazards (e.g. A ‘surface dressed’ road) , a head count, information on where we are stopping.
Additionally on development rides an explanation of the various hand signals and calls such as hazard reporting, stopping, and changes of direction.

Other Business – Mountain bike rides, (down the tracks and to parkhead station etc etc) I am happy to lead these, again I may need some help. so that is in the works. They are likely to coincide with development ride weeks so club weeks are kept clear.

Parking at our meeting point of La Taverna/Michelangelo was discussed. Due to a new car park layout the parking has been slightly reduced. Both premises are very busy at weekends and we wish to minimize cars in the car park. The management have been VERY good to us since the club started. We want to encourage riding to rides. for some this is not possible. Parking is suggested at Ryton Rugby Club, Newburn Riverside or just off Newburn Bridge road (king Oswald Drive) and for you to ride along. We strongly encourage either of the above options so we can maintain a good working relationship with La Taverna and continue to meet there.