BCC: A year down the line… Our 1st ‘Birthday’ Ride.

As many of you know, a few weeks ago the club (BCC) turned one. It’s been a year of discovery, change, and growth (with a few mistakes being made along the way! but it’s all a learning curve!)

So Just after a year (a year and a bit) we had our anniversary ride. A 50 odd mile ride with a few little hills in suitable for all. We expected our usual turn out, but when I rolled into the taverna (late as usual, yes (09:04 to be exact)) I was greeted with 40 people and subsequently 40 bikes (ish… I never actually counted) these were nicely split into 3 groups and we all merged into one towards the end. We probably left the cafe with the tills bursting at the seams too.. Apart from the one incident we had, everyone got back fine, and we made sure everyone was safe. That I think shows the club in a good light.

All I can say is thanks to anyone who has supported us or turned up for our rides, we have a fantastic membership base and a great bunch of regulars, we’re getting noticed, new people are loving the way we conduct our rides. it’s all great feedback. a Massive thanks go to John & Giacomo at La Taverna who always make sure we’re looked after post ride, and allow us to meet in their car park. (Be sure to pop in off the bike for the fantastic food!). Today I also think reaffirmed that club rides are open to all, when we have the numbers we have the capacity to make it inclusive for all regardless of your speed. (as ever if you have any concerns over a ride, contact us!)

Once again, thanks to everyone thats turned up, emailed, posted on our pages, fixed our bikes, brewed us coffee and anything else we do.

Personally… This year has flew by and I hope the next year is very much the same.

Don’t forget our next rides are our Development Ride next week but PLEASE NOTE we are meeting at NEWBURN this time round. The week after that we shall be riding the wooler wheel.