Shop Local: Promoting local small business

From the start we try to use local business to provide services for us, such as using La Taverna to start our rides from and subsequently pop in post ride and pedalling squares for our club jerseys and coffee stops when the route takes us there (usually on ‘week off’ rides).

Quite soon I’d like to produce membership cards for those who are current subscribers to the club, one and perhaps the main reason is for ID and ICE purposes so if we had to alongside our electronic and paper records a member carries an ‘ICE’ (In Case of Emergency) document with them, this would help us let the right people know, and on the back any essential information could be placed (such as essential medication, allergies or essential information paramedics / healthcare professionals may need to know)

Below is a draft example of how they may look, to keep costs down they will be ‘Business Card’ style prints self laminated much like British Cycling membership cards.


The other Purpose is to help us work with local business, allow privileges or discounts for members on cycling essentials, a few other clubs have developed working relationships with local services and business to draw custom their way and as a local club we’d love to be to do the same, while promoting said companies on our website and social media.

at the moment both the cards and the rest of it is just an idea, but if anyone feels they can help out or have any ideas, please do get in touch.