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January 2018 kit order

Do you want to look geet posh as owt when you’re out on your bike?
If the answer is yes, we’ve got some great news. Kit orders are available NOW until the end of January 2018.
Please order in this batch as it may very well be our only order (unless significant demand is there)
Those of you who’ve ordered kit in the past from Endura should have an email from them/us already reminding you of your login details. If you’re new, have not registered or for whatever reason don’t have an login or can’t get into it. Please contact us using the form at the bottom of this post and we’ll set you up on the system. Supply name and email and we’ll do the rest (please note this is a manual process so it won’t be instant)
Here’s the need to know stuff about ordering kit from us it might be the boring bit, but you have to give it a read:
  • We need a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of FIFTEEN items consisting of THREE large (main) items such as shorts / jerseys etc. Anything under the MOQ can result in excess payments. (Example: 7 male jersey, 3 female jersey, 5 bib shorts would qualify, but 8,2,5 in the same order would not)
  • You pay Endura direct, secure & online via card. When you are registered onto the system you will be given a unique link and login to get into the ordering system.
  • You can have the kit delivered direct to your door (additional fee applies) or to the club.
  • If there’s something you want from the catalouge (note: no, they don’t do ties for those who keep asking!) we don’t stock and you can meet MOQ’s ask and we’ll try and add it to our order. (This is by no mean a promise but if we can get the orders it will be given consideration)
  • Sizing information for Endura custom clothing can be found by clicking here alternative on club runs and events many of our members will be wearing the very kit you’re ordering so you can take a look.
To request a log in please contact us via facebook message to the club, Paul or Rob or use the form below. 
If you are messaging us via facebook we need name and email address.
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