Online Security

A very quick reminder about your online safety and security. 

There’s recently been a few cycle thefts in the north east and one avenue thieves use is your online presence to gather intelligence on where you live, when you’re out and what bikes you might have. 

A new tactic seems to be Setting up false online profiles to find out more about riders and their habits. 

Here’s a few points to consider: 

  • Do you know who you’re adding on Twitter/Facebook/Strava etc
  • How secure is your profile, is it open, closed, readable to anyone 
  • Have you set up privacy zones on ride tracking apps? 
  • Do you often post where you ride or where you go?
  • Is your bike storage secure (do you have locks, ground anchors, alarms?)
  • Is your bike stamped and serial numbers noted, as well as any individual features noted and photographed?

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