AW15 Kit order notes

Please read before you order:

KIT UPDATE: if you want it you have two ways of getting an account…
1) post below your email address and i’ll add you to the club wear database. (please ONLY comment with your email so no none if lost in chat, please discuss clothing and sizing in a new thread, i will then LIKE your post to confirm I have added you and you should have an email with your code to get in unique to you.)
2) if you would rather. INBOX me. I will then simply reply ‘Done’ when I have added you as means of acknowledgement.

I do hope I can get a link in the next day or two for you all to sign up yourselves but for now this is your means to sign up.

Sizing can be found at:
click WT for race fit, Classic for everything else. and womens for womens.

1) I have to do this manually (add you) so it may take a few hours or more, please don’t keep emailing me if I don’t do it immediately
2) Take note of the bank details on your order screen you’ll need these to send us payment (we pay as a club at the end)
3) by ordering you confirm you have READ sizing information
4) Deadline at present is 30th Sept. (enough time for another pay day)
5) we need FIFTEEN items in total and THREE of each item
6) If an item is not listed and you can get 3 orders raised amongst yourselves contact me and if there is AT LEAST THREE of a non-listed item we can give consideration to adding this to the inventory (for example if 3 people wanted MTB jerseys) this is a ‘we will consider it’ and by no means a guarantee we will or can order it this time or in the future.
7) all prices are BEFORE VAT (unless stated) so you’ll have to add 20% on top of your order total.

Any questions please ask outside this post please, again this is just for account generation. If you have that, well done, you’re well on your way to ordering the best club kit around. Thanks to Endura once again for being our supplier.

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