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Club Ride ‘shouts and Signals’

Click here to view an article from British Cycling regarding the various rules, shouts and signals you are likely to hear on club rides and generally when riding with groups. As we always say communication is vital.



Two thousand and fifteen

October 25th, That’s most of this year gone. 2014 has been our first full year, we’ve started it off as a simple club, rides every 2 weeks, plan your own on the free week. we’ve now gone to having a ride every week having a more ”club like” ride every week and a development group ride the next, we’ve had members come from complete beginners averaging 8mph to comfortably managing 14-15. Others have come along to development rides and gained the confidence to join the longer fuller club runs. It’s all been pretty amazing stuff.

We’ve got ourselves now some keen Time Trial riders and have done what’s needed to get that happening, we’re on the verge of a race team too. none of that was in the ‘plan’ for the club and it’s just all happened, However we do still keep the same principals and we’re doing our best to keep everyone satisfied and included.

Now is the time when we discuss (or start to) our plans for 2015, and it’s you the members who can help us shape that. We’d like to know what you would like to see, what you have seen and liked, and we even want to hear what we may not be doing, not be doing right, or not at all, that way we can do something about it.

Please again do bear in mind we are new to this still, only a year in! and we still are learning!

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