Blaydon Cycle Club: Logo Refresh.

Blaydon Cycle Club is delighted to announce a logo refresh, already as a club we have developed from a bit of text, to a crest, and now to a new logo which is more fitting with the clubs colour scheme and it’s already noticeable branding.  After some consulting and a lot of hard work by our designers. We can now reveal our new logo which will be phased in on all Cycle Club literature, club kit and online presence as of now.

The Club has moved on from ‘an idea’ to a club which went from 10 members, to almost 40 within the space of a month when we ‘officially launched’ memberships. The club is constantly growing with membership requests daily and our brand growing. We have a steady ridership and both our ‘club rides’ and ‘development rides’ are gathering motion with ridership often in the high teens to twenties on the average day, with this we were offered the chance of a brand refresh which after discussion amongst those in Blaydon HQ thought in the long term would benefit the club. We’d have a cleaner, more professional image for the clubs future. I myself and I’m sure many of the original handful of members that have been around would have envisioned the club getting to this stage.

A huge thanks goes to D by Design who have designed the new Blaydon Cycling Caps which were the launchpad for our new image, our core colours stay the same, the now familiar Black White and red is here to stay! As mentioned earlier the new logo simply does that design more justice and allows for a cleaner image and a more consistent ability for us brand ourselves both on the bike and off the bike, in kit, online and on paper.

D by Design is a husband and wife team which fuses together a love of design and a love of cycling.

The brand was created out of their own passion for cycling and design, they wanted to combine the two to create handmade design-led accessories for the cycling community. David the cycling enthusiast is the maker of the caps and every cap is created by hand. Laura is the designer and creates the patterns and styles for the caps. They both use their creative knowledge to produce unique cycling cap creations out of their home studio. D by Design is a new brand and is still in the early stages of development, the brand has recently created it’s first series of cap designs based on a Neon colour set with simple patterns and bold colours.

for more information on the brand we encourage you to visit t

And now of course below is our new logo which from now will be rolled out across our club.

New Blaydon Logo

New Blaydon Logo