Development Ride 15 june

Event info is all at

if you are coming please RSVP via the link, send a tweet or reply below using the diqus system, you can also ask any questions this way.

We are pleased to announce the next in our development series, once again massive thanks to Kevin for planning the route and making these the success that they are.

We’ll meet at Kirkley Cycles again, although slightly off our usual meeting point and a little straying from our Blaydon roots the offer of quiet country lanes, a cafe start and relatively flat roads is perfect for this type of ride.

Our beginners /development rides are very popular! often with up to 20 people on! has more details about the  rides on.
They’re for you to get our build confidence, learn to ride with others and progress onto longer rides hopefully with the club!
They have a few simple rules which are posted at the bottom of this post for everyone’s safety.

This ride like many others we have hosted will consist of a small loop for everyone, we then return to ride HQ and those who wish to continue onto the longer development loop can do so. We aim for 10-15 miles depending on the terrain for lap one, for lap two we bring the ride up to around 40 miles in total.

The Development Group rules & guidelines:

– The ‘back marker’ rider won’t allow anyone to fall behind them.

you shouldn’t overtake the leading rider as they are there to help navigate and help manage the pace of the ride, also we can’t look out for you if you are ahead. Naturally, groups will split a little but there will always be a Blaydon jersey (or ride leader) nearby.

– If you have to stop, let whoever is leading your group know for example with any mechanical issues, or you need to stop for a rest.

– we will re group at various points on the initial loop.

– if you spot a hazard such as a pothole generally cyclists will point down at it, if you are not confident you can just shout something such as ‘Pothole!’ you may hear other things such as ‘Car!’ which generally means a car is behind and we should go into single file or allow the car to pass. other calls are made for cars but generally they are obvious as to what is happening.

– ensure you drink enough fluids, hydration is vital, sip small but often generally is the advice from cyclists.

– finally… enjoy the ride, chat to people, ask questions, make suggestions