Subs: An update

I’ve had a few emails, tweets, etc etc about new members paying subscriptions:

I thought it would be appropriate to update all on the status of subscribing for those already not ‘paid up’ members who have expressed an interest.

First of all on behalf of the club thanks very much for your support, the growing membership list is great!

We have raised the money initially need to cover set up costs for the club, so now there is no great urgency to ‘get cash off people’ if you want to join we are waiting for our bank to set up the account (could take a few weeks yet, to be honest I am amazed the British Cycling Affiliation took a matter of days, not weeks!)

When the bank account is set up you will be to ‘buy’ your BCC membership online, this is easier for us as:

  • It is automated
  • The money goes direct into the club account
  • Personal details are recorded on a central database for us (so we cna print out Emergency contact lists etc)
  • We can send out newsletters via British Cycling
  • There is less scope for error in subs paid.

When everything is set up a blog/twitter/Facebook message will be put up with how to join. once again thanks for your interest and your patience! This is all new to many of us and a huge learning curve, but slowly things are falling into place, and by the time the spring is in full swing we shall be an official, fully functioning club!