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MTB Ride #2

On the 19th Jan we are considering a Mountain bike ride on our ‘Spare Week’ this would be around 20 miles each way to the fantastic ‘Parkhead Station’ Tea rooms just outside Consett, it’s mile marker 100 on the C2C and offers some stunning views and a you’re right up there on the tops. fantastic ride well worth coming along for, suitable for MTB bikes and at a push CX if you have one.

Nice easy pace and a fantastic cafe. Details soon.
Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 23.05.18

TBC: Blaydon Cycle Club Meeting

Time & Date: tbc will be an evening through the week.
Venue: La Taverna
(Facebook event will be created in due course)

After a little thought last night I thought we should have a meeting one evening at La Taverna just an ideas session for the year ahead. We’ve already had a few suggestions dotted around but I think a more ‘formal’ meeting outside twitter/facebook would be more appropriate.

While met up we would be able to give the jerseys out too (so date after they’re delivered hence TBC status).

Ideas such as offering “beginners rides” at around 10 miles for those new to road cycling. Nothing too challenging to help others progress eventually to the longer club rides.
Other ideas included the above shorter rides but offering cycling advice and tips etc to new riders.

If you’ve anything you’d like added to the meeting lists please add them below or email them over, and they’ll be added to the list to discuss on the night.
Also if you can’t make it we can answer questions and add ideas and after the meeting write up a conclusion and publish that.

Blaydon Cycling Club – Strava Group

We’ve had quite a few new members of late, and just as a little reminder we have a ‘Strava Club’

Basically, it groups anyone connected to BCC together so you can at a glance see what rides we are doing, there’s also a little weekly app that shows out mileage.

Click here to view the Strava Club and to request to join.

Update: BCC 10 – 12/01/14

Blaydon Cycle Club’s first 2014 ride is planned and routed.

12/01/14  at 0900 meeting at La Taverna.

Here’s the route to print, look at or send to your GPS.
we will be stopping at Wheelbirks Farm & Ice Cream… (don’t worry they do food and coffee too) if you have any questions get in touch or comment below.


BCC Jersey Update

Good evening all. Just an update regarding our club jersey:

BCC Jersey

The design is all approved and is awaiting production which is within the next week, hopefully our jerseys will be available for pick up for our ride at the mid/end of January, we shall arrange how to do collection and the likes when we have a firm date, most likely everyone can collect at a ride.

Thanks to everyone who has paid so far. if you have not paid please get in touch with Paul ASAP to arrange payment.

Not long to go now, and a further thanks to everyone who has supported the club and bought a jersey.