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2017 Club Membership

Blaydon Cycle Club is pleased to announce that our subscriptions for 2017 are now open.

Subscription rates have remained unchanged from their 2016 rates. Its £15 for an individual, £25 for a same household couple and £10 for any second claim members (if you’re a member of another club as your first club.)

2017 is set to be a massive year for us, since 2013 we’ve come a long way from 8 members merely sharing rides over facebook, to a fully fledged club with regular club outings, many member organised rides as well as hosting open local events.

as a member you’ll get access to our ‘members chat’ (facebook) page where you can keep in touch with fellow club members, organise midweek rides, alternative rides, sell, buy, ask swap… Pretty much anything.

as always, if you have any questions please contact us through twitter, Facebook or email or speak to any member of the committee.

To sign up simply click the button below or click here:

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