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Northern Audax 2016 – provisional dates

please find attached the provisional *dates for the Nothern Audax rides that run out of Kirkley Cycles.  

I’m posting these dates in advance as I know there was interest in Audax riding within the club after two of us completed the “Mosstrooper”. Hopefully over the club can get more involved in the Audax scene if there is sufficient interest. 


* these events are externally run. Full details and confirmed dates will be published at Venue, start times and routes subject to change. 

Casual Items (Summer Order 2015)


Please Order using the form below. Due to errors in the shopping cart system, you’ll have to manually add the ‘to pay’ prices by adding up the costs of the items you want. Due to restrictions with the order form you’ll only be to order multiples of the same size (for sizing info click here) Below is each items alongside their pricing. Full zip will be used if the item is zipped.

Key to products: (example)

you see: ‘PTH1 Poly Tech Hoody GBP30’

Internal Product code, description, Price

Item PTH1, is a poly tech hoody and costs £30