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We’ve done it, welcome to our newest member Alice who made the landmark 100th Blaydon Cycle club member. We’re just coming up to two years ‘officially’ for the club, and we’ve went from making a facebook page, to 8 members, up to 100 and growing. A huge thank you to each and every one of you who rides with us and helps us out in various ways.

We’re growing all the time, there’s never been a better time to get into cycling, especially now for the price of a bag of crisps and a pint… you can join us for the rest of the year! (That’s £5, and aye.. I’d say that’s an expensive pub too!)

If you are an official member please request to join members chat. click here to find it, and if you are not on it, we’ll authorise you.

Blaydon Kit: Pre order information

Good afternoon all, we’ve the potential for a new order for kit coming up soon, we were not planning one but due to high demand we’ll be order soon, first of all we are going to get the ‘casual’ order sorted. While you are waiting, and if you want new ON THE BIKE wear, please make sure you understand sizing information..

Visit custom section for size details, click on the items in the range (note: we won’t be offering them all) and click the sizing tab.

We will be using an online cart, this means once orders are placed they can’t be changed (to avoid confusion our end). We can then also use the admin system to alert everyone by email receipt when they are here. you also have a more solid proof of purchase.

Please bear with us, this will go live as soon as we can, all items need to be uploaded, double checked etc etc. We’ll let you know when it’s ready but this post is just to alert you asking we will be ordering jerseys etc soon, and it gives you time to check out sizing info etc.

Summer of cycling

This weekend le tour kicks off, why not kick your summer (and beyond) of cycling off with us, only £5 for the rest of the year!

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New Kit Arrival

 Good Morning all, Our new kit has arrived, check members chat page for collection instructions. We’re also looking at arranging an evening next week where anyone who can come down, can come into La Taverna and collect their gear. Our thanks go to Endura for sorting this all out for us.