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Club Meeting – Committee Nominations

As promised, I said I would set out a way of voting, We will vote on the night as you usually would but we are open for nominations, if you wish to nominate a person for the positions fill in the below form.

Your current BCC team are keen to stay in their current position and keep working on steering BCC in the direction it is going into 2015 and further.

However… Without further ado..

(please fill the form in full)

Positions Open

Chairman – Paul Wright
Secretary – Rob Hinds
Treasurer – Kevin Hopper

Race Team Officer – Vacant
Development Ride Officer – Vacant

More info on the new roles here
(The two above are new positions are new for 2015 and intended to help us run the club as we expand and Gian a higher ridership)

If you need any more info get in touch or comment below

Club meeting 2015

It’s been over a year since our last meeting – finally we will have a 2015 one, ideas for agenda items can be messaged to us, please use the form at the bottom of this blog and reference ‘Meeting 2015’ in the email so we know it’s for the meeting.

Time:  19:00 for a 19:10 meeting start
Date: 23/2/15
Location: Blaydon Rugby Football Club (Hexham road – swalwell / Blaydon) – upstairs room.

Event Link:

First of all let me thank each and every one of you for choosing to ride with us and become a member, your support goes way beyond my gratitude, everyone of you has made progress in your cycling abilities and made some fantastic friends along the way, we have also probably eaten a great deal of cake and downed a few Olympic pools worth of coffee.

Due to our expansion we want another two members up on the committee. alongside our current roles of Secretary (Rob) Chairman (Paul) and treasurer (Kevin) as per the running of a club, nominations for all roles is open. further details on how we are going to run said ballot to follow as soon as possible.

However the two new roles will be:

  • Development Ride Officer
  • Race Officer

Both of these roles will allow for the two newer arms of the club to have some greater assistance in their running, the lead/rep/officer (exact title to be decided) will help in the organization of events, help us get in touch with the relevant organizations and help us network in general within the cycling community. Development Rides are incredibly popular and we feel it is time to have further people helping us along the way this also takes a great deal of pressure off the main committee members and will allow for events to run in their absence. Again as with the existing roles they will be open to ballot when we get this up and running. Our race team is very new with our first races taking place in early 2015, We are also time trial affiliated allowing us to compete in TT’s and races. (races may be subject to British Cycling license requirements).

Our meeting will be held at the place stated at the top of this post, and there will be a Facebook event to mark your attendance.

We will discuss where we have come in the last year, where we are going, and open to any suggestions on the future, we’ve had our first official year, it’s been a massive learning curve. we are still learning, but I have every confidence with your support and the current attitude within our members we can go a whole lot further and retain the what I feel is unique club atmosphere within Blaydon Cycle Club, I’ve already heard newer members compliment on the way we run our club, the atmosphere between each other on rides, as well as our open communications especially via social media and our website.