Kit Order – Notes

Please read the following before placing a kit order: This information is applicable when club wear is available. It contains some guidlines and important information, as well as explains a few things

last updated: February 2016


1) Someone at the club (designated on the system as a Kit Manager) has to add new accounts to the Endura on-line system one by one so it may take a few hours or more, please don’t keep emailing Them if they don’t do it immediately
2) Payment is now taken by Endura directly.
3) By ordering you confirm you have READ sizing information (to be found here)
4) Deadlines will be displayed within the on-line system
5) we need FIFTEEN items in total and THREE of each item
6) If an item is not listed and you can get 3 orders raised amongst yourselves contact us and if there is AT LEAST THREE of a non-listed item we can give consideration to adding this to the inventory (for example if 3 people wanted MTB jerseys) this is a ‘we will consider it’ and by no means a guarantee we will or can order it this time or in the future. (full range can be found here)
7) all prices are shown BEFORE VAT (unless stated) so you’ll have to add 20% on top of your order total unless otherwise stated.
8) Delivery can be made to the club or for an extra fee direct to your home address.

Any questions please ask outside this post please, again this is just for account generation. If you have that, well done, you’re well on your way to ordering the best club kit around. Thanks to Endura once again for being our supplier.